Bukit Kayoe Putih, There’s moreover a Rainbow Slide

Bukit Kayoe Putih is true right here to be a vacation variety in Mojokerto Regency, precisely in Jetis District. Turn into a tourist reference for vacationing with family to hangout spots with besties.

This Mojokerto tourist spot is somewhat new, because it was once as soon as best inaugurated in 2021 and until now it is been provided with various facilities and rides that make it a lot more exciting to visit.

mandatory photo spot
mandatory {photograph} spot. google maps. provide: Tarmuji Muzi

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It’s no surprise that Bukit Kayoe Putih Mojokerto is always crowded with visitors, in particular on weekends. And the afternoon is the most efficient time, because of there could be increasingly more visitors.

Okay, without lingering to any extent further, proper right here we offer a review of Bukit Kayoe Putih as a tourist reference in Mojokerto which is exciting and instagramable in any case.

Location of Bukit Kayoe Putih

The location of Bukit Kayoe Putih is in Kupang Village, Jetis District, Mojokerto Regency, East Java

photo spot on Bukit Kayoe Putih
{photograph} spot on Bukit Kayoe Putih. google maps. provide: Sindu Arja

Kayoe Putih Hill Course

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The trail to Bukit Kayoe Putih can be reached by way of motorcycle or car, for many who go away from downtown Mojokerto by way of directing your automotive to Jalan Hayam Wuruk then turn correct onto Jl. Lieutenant Colonel Sumarjo.

Then turn left onto Gedong Gg.2 until you after all arrive at Jalan Magersari-Ngares Kidul. After that, turn correct onto Jalan Raya Kenongo towards Jl. Village meeting hall.

Continue by way of turning correct onto Jalan Raya Sidoharjo, navigate to Jalan Raya Kupang. The location of Bukit Kayoe Putih is at the right kind side of the road.

Bukit Kayoe Putih Opening Hours

  • The outlet hours of Bukit Kayoe Putih are Monday to Sunday
  • Operational from 09 am to 09 pm

Kayoe Putih Hill Entrance Ticket Prices

mini car rides
mini car rides. google maps. provide: Lovely Imoet

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  • The fee tag value for purchasing into Kayoe Putih Hill is Rp. 10.000,- in line with particular person
  • Motorcycle parking Rp. 3.000,-
  • Automobile parking Rp. 5.000,-

White Kayoe Hill Facility

One of the crucial the most important tourist facilities in Bukit Kayoe Putih Tourism include:

  • food and drink stalls,
  • Swimming pool,
  • cafe,
  • Gazebo or hut,
  • {photograph} spots,
  • House for parking automobiles,
  • Bathroom,
  • The recreational level,
  • A place to sit.

The Appeal of White Kayoe Hill

1. Viral Rainbow Slide Go back and forth

two rainbow slides
two rainbow slides. google maps. provide: Brahman code

In recent years, the primary enchantment of Bukit Kayoe Putih Mojokerto is the presence of a game automotive that is in recent times viral and available in a lot of tourist attractions.

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Specifically if it isn’t Rainbow Slide, a slide with vibrant paths like a rainbow. Where you’ll be able to be invited to slide on the apply the usage of a mat that has been designed in this kind of way.

The Rainbow Slide at Bukit Kayoe Putih has merely opened in April 2023, comes with two quite a lot of forms of heights and lengths.

The principle Rainbow Slide was once as soon as best about 25 meters long, very suitable for youngsters. With a ticket value of Rp. 15.000,- for one unlock.

And next to it is the Rainbow Slide with a length of 60 meters, rather adrenaline-pumping alternatively in reality exciting. You want to pay Rp. 20.000,- to check out this viral slide.

2. Exciting and Fun Tourism Variety

Bukit Kayoe Putih swimming pool
Bukit Kayoe Putih swimming pool. google maps. provide: Stefanus Sondag

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Bukit Kayoe Putih might be very suitable to be used as a vacation location with family, because of it is provided with rather numerous game facilities.

Let’s merely say a couple of of them are flying fox, toy vehicles, mini trains, ball baths, swimming and so on. The kids’s favorite is in most cases swimming.

The swimming pool is rather massive, there could also be even a foam pool too. Anyway, youngsters are confident to in reality really feel at space when swimming in this Bukit Kayoe Putih swimming pool.

The fee tag value for purchasing into the swimming pool itself is Rp. 10.000,- for adults and Rp. 5.000,- for youngsters, this value applies on weekdays. Within the interim, for the weekend, the get admission to ticket is Rp. 10.000,- every for youngsters and adults.

3. Make a selection the White Kayoe Hill Tour

Apart from for being a place to have fun, Bukit Kayoe Putih moreover provides instructional tours known as Make a selection Tours. Where you are able to immediately select some vegetables and fruits.

No longer best that, you are able to moreover learn about learn to plant hydroponically or manually. Uh, positive, the choosing value for the vegetables is Rp. 4,000,- in line with stick.

Within the interim, for those of you who wish to select fruit, the results could be weighed later, with a value range of spherical Rp. 7,000, – in line with kilo.

comfortable place to hang out
relaxed place to hang out. google maps. provide: THEO UTOMO

4. Hangouts Plus Cool {Photograph} Looking out

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With the presence of a relaxed cafe, Bukit Kayoe Putih could also be frequently used as a hangout location for more youthful other folks and is in most cases busy starting after Ashar until late at night time time.

Where you’ll be able to get a singular atmosphere at night time time with the presence of twinkling lights. Bukit Kayoe Putih comes provided with various {photograph} spots that you just must no longer go over.

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